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Gender equality efforts

The topic of equal opportunities for female and male scientists is particularly close to our hearts in SFB 1340. Our main goals here are:

  • To increase the number of female scientists in project leadership.
  • To support young female scientists in pursuing their careers
  • To make the workplace "science" more family-friendly.

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Our aims

Our goal is to make it easier for women to enter and advance in science and the Charité itself. To make this possible, we offer workshops for everyone, in which both women and men learn what you can contribute to the topic of equality, as well as workshops just for women on how you can help yourself achieve even more equal opportunities. At the same time, we are working on ourselves as a research association and our offers to relieve mothers and fathers and make it easier to combine family and career. We have taken the first steps in this direction by offering free childcare, for example during our scientific events, and by relieving the burden on parents during working hours through additional staff (especially during maternity or parental leave).

We are always working on our offers and further possibilities for equality in order to come closer to equal opportunities. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know and help us to improve.

Previous efforts


As part of our support for scientists with family commitments, we work together with the flexible childcare service Kidsmobil. If your child cannot attend the regular childcare facility for health reasons, or if you have unforeseen duties or overtime, or if the regular childcare for your child is not available at short notice, the service is available to you on short notice, in an uncomplicated and reliable manner. This service is free of charge for you, the employees of CRC 1340.

More information about KidsMobil.

Relief at the workplace

For scientists on parental leave or maternity leave, there is the possibility of hiring a qualified temporary employee to take over the tasks during the period in question and ensure the smooth continuation of the project. It is also possible for scientists with family responsibilities to be relieved by hiring additional, suitable staff.

Flexible working

The office in one's own house is a simple model in itself, which should contribute to relieving the burden on scientists through more flexible working hours. Especially in view of family obligations, they sometimes face challenges. For example, when it comes to childcare, parents are often pressed for time to pick up their child on time or to care for it during short-term illness. The home office could reduce this time pressure by making it easier for researchers to take home the work for which they only need their computer. At the same time, the work in the research projects is safeguarded because the human resources are utilised as much as possible.


Since July 2021, the SFB 1340 is a member of METIS - Gender Equality & Family Friendliness In Research Alliances At Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
METIS, named after the Greek goddess for wise counsel, was founded by and for research areas at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The goal of METIS is to support research areas in the areas of gender equality and family friendlieness. In addition, METIS is also available to staff members and offers information on cross-departmental events, trainings/workshops and possible funding, among other things.


The Charité Berlin family office now offers all Charité employees and students services to support them in every situation and phase of life on its family portal voiio. A wide range of offers are available in the areas of "Pregnancy & Birth," "Babies & Children," "School Children & Adolescents," "Marriage & Partnership," "For Myself," and "Eldercare." For example, online courses on birth preparation, midwife support, virtual childcare in the home office, learning support for school children, vacation activities, family counseling, coaching, preventive services, advice on caring for relatives, and offers for grief counseling.

Register at voiio with your Charité e-mail address and find suitable offers.

Family Office of the Charité

The Charité Family Office is available to answer all your questions about careers with families.
In addition, use voiio, the family portal of the Charité Family Office, with its offers of support in every phase of life.




Women in Leadership Positions

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Event for expert public only

Workshop for Female Project Leaders and Future Female Project Leaders

In this workshop, our female project leaders will not only get to know and work out the most important leadership qualities and corresponding tools, but also perfect their own soft skills. Communication skills for professional interaction in hierarchical structures will be strengthened so that barriers are broken down and bridges are built.

Organizational and administrative matters


Mrs. Petra Passoth
freischwimmen - Systemic Business Coaching & Training

Event organizer

CRC 1340 "Matrix in Vision"


24.10. & 25.10.2022, 08:30 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.





Tel.: (030) 450 627 324
Administrative office CRC 1340 "Matrix in Vision"

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